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Disability Income Insurance Solutions

Don't let a Disability Cripple Your Income

While most Americans insure their lives and material assets, such as their homes, cars, etc., many overlook the need to protect their most valuable asset - the ability to earn an income!  What would happen if you were sick or hurt and unable to work?  Could you maintain your standard of living?

Who Should Purchase Disability Income Insurance?

If you are the sole breadwinner or if your family own a business, you can't afford to be without disability income insurance.

Don't Employers Cover Their Employees?

Many people assume their employer will take care of them if they become disabled.  But, often employer coverage alone is not enough to meet the needs of a family in which the breadwinner has become disabled.  Worse yet, some employers don't offer their employees any disability income coverage at all.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Begin by asking yourself the questions listed below.

  • How long after the onset of a disability could I afford to go before receiving payment?
  • What are my minimum monthly expenses (food, mortgage/rent, loan payment, credit card balances, etc.)?  How much more do I need to maintain my present lifestyle?

Food $ __________

Mortgage/Rent $ __________

Loan Payment $ __________

Credit Card $ __________

Other $ __________

Monthly Total $ __________

Would my employer and/or my spouse's employer cover my expenses? $ ____ (month)
Would I be eligible for any other source of disability income (Social Security, Worker's Compensation.Veterans Administration pension disability benefits, Medicare, etc.)? $ ____ (month)

Now that you've checked into the benefits you could qualify for, how much would be provided and for how long?  Would it be enough to cover your financial obligations?

No one expects to become disabled - but it can happen to anyone at any time.  The best thing you can do is make sure you're adequately prepared for any possibility.  A Disability Income Insurance policy  can help you do just that.

Can I Afford To Protect My Income?

The real question is - can you afford not to?  Your most valuable asset is not your home, car or other possessions - it's your future earning potential.

A disability income policy can help ensure you'll still receive most of that income while you're disabled.

General Disability Income Insurance

The Personal Disability Income policy provides a monthly income for total and partial disability.

  • The amount of monthly benefit which may be used is determined by the insureds earned income.
  • It has a two-year Own Occupation definition of disability.
  • It is guaranteed renewable.
  • Periods available are 30,60.90 or 180 days.
  • Benefit duration can be 1 year (issued as a rider), 2 years (issued as a rider or a separate policy), 5 years or to age 67.
  • Rates are determined by age, sex, tobacco usage and occupation class

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