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We understand that a standard one-size fits all policy simply doesn't fit. Your operation is unique, and your insurance coverage should  address this fact. Depending on the coverage desired, you may customize your policy by choosing among  a variety of Liability and property coverage options.  Similar perils (causes of loss) are combined into groups, to achieve the combination of coverage's that are right for you.


Today's farmer needs flexible, tailored insurance coverage that addresses specific exposures and goals. Satisfying this need is not just a matter of calling an 800 number or getting a quote on a Web site.

We understand the unique issues farmers face.  Drawing on long experience, a local presence, a comprehensive portfolio of products and the commitment of our people, we can help you manage the risks of day-to-day farming activities.  And we can help you recover from misfortune and keep your agribusiness intact until the day you decide to sell it or pass it on to the next generation.


Our Farm Policy goes beyond traditional farm or ranch coverage, providing a flexible farm coverage package.  It allows you to customize a protection program that more precisely matches your individual needs.



Unlike the Homeowners policy you may be using now to cover your farming exposures, a Farm Policy allows you to customize your policy more precisely to to match your individual need.  Protection tailored just for you helps ensure you're getting exactly what you need and that you are not paying for extra coverage's you don't want. It combines similar perils (cause of loss, such as windstorm, fire, theft, etc.) into groups, to achieve the combination of coverage's that are right for you.  Tailored protection helps ensure you're getting exactly what you want - and that you're not paying extra for coverage's you don't want.



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