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What is Term Insurance?

With many families, both spouses work full time.  The loss of either spouse could be a financial disaster to the family.

If a spouse is a business owner or partner, unexpected loss could result in a business or share of a business being sold for less that its fair value.  If the unexpected were to occur, could your family pay bills, make mortgage payments, cover debts, fund a college education, or continue or liquidate a business interest without undue pressure or hardship?

You Need Life Insurance To Help Protect Your Families Future

In the short term, it pays for immediate expenses.  In the long term, it ensures your family can have the kind of lifestyle you planned for. Signature Term insurance policies from Farm Family come with a number of important features and benefits that help you and as your agent, we can tailor coverage to meet your specific needs.


You've heard about it on TV and radio, or maybe you've seen ads in newspapers or magazines, or flyers in your mailbox.  What's all the excitement about?

Term Life Insurance can be an extremely affordable way to protect your family from the financial hardship of your untimely death.  Term Insurance offers a competitive guaranteed level premium for 10, 15, 20 or 30 years.  Premiums increase annually to age 95 after the level premium period. There's also a feature that allows you to convert to a permanent policy in the future.


Look at these sample monthly rates on a Term policy to see just how affordable it can be:

10 Year Level Term


$250,001 Death Benefit

$500,000 Death Benefit

$1,000,000 Death Benefit

$2,000,000 Death Benefit

Age 30





Age 40





Age 50





Age 60





Age 70






The above rates are for a male, non-smoker, Preferred Best underwriting category and do not include waiver of premium. Issuance of a policy is subject to our underwriting and eligibility requirements, which may result in higher premiums than those displayed. Premiums paid monthly are only available by  a pre-approved monthly deduction from your checking account. Alternate payment modes are available.


Life Protection Mass

Disability Premium Waiver Rider

For those who want an extra level of protection, a premium waiver rider: if you become totally disabled, We will waive premiums for the duration of your disability after an initial period of four months.  You purchase this waiver by adding a small amount to your regular monthly premium.


Accelerated Benefit Rider

Three separate riders that cover the following conditions: terminal illness, chronic illness and critical illness are offered for NO additional premium. The accelerated benefit payment will be less than the death benefit, but is paid prior to the death of the insured and is reduced by an administrative fee that is assessed when accelerated benefits are elected (maximum of $500). These riders are not available in all states.

Protecting What You Value Most

Forty-eight percent of families with dependent children say they would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses for more than a few months, if a primary wage earner were to die. The truth is, it's always difficult to think about mortality, but there is no better feeling than knowing your loved ones are protected, even if you're not there to take care of them.







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