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Country Estate Insurance


Whether you have a modest fruit and vegetable stand, a small pick-your own orchard, Christmas tree operation, or a few horses out to pasture - if you have a farm, no matter how small, you have risks. We understand that farm and ranch operations of varying size and scope, from the largest nurseries to the smallest wineries, have very different needs.  We serve the more common types of farming throughout the northeast (dairy, horse, beef, poultry, produce, orchard) along with the more unusual (ostriches, llamas, aquaculture operations).

Our Country Estate Solutions were designed for people who enjoy farming on the side, but make the majority of their income elsewhere.  Country Estate goes beyond traditional homeowner coverage, providing a flexible coverage package that's tailored to the needs of hobby farmers like yourself.

Who Can Qualify for Country Estate?

Generally, if you have less than $100,000 of farming income, and have 20 or less large animals, 5 of which can be horses, or 40 or less small animals, you could qualify for country estate. Give us a call to discuss if your operation could be covered under Country Estate.



We understand that a standard one-size fits all policy simply doesn't fit.  Your operation is unique, and your insurance coverage should address this fact.  Depending on the coverage desired, you may customize your policy by choosing among liability and property protection options.


Unlike the Homeowners policy you may be using now to cover your farming exposures, a Country Estate policy allows you to customize your policy more precisely to to match your individual need.  Protection tailored just for you helps ensure you're getting exactly what you need and that you are not paying for extra coverage's you don't want. Country Estate policies combine similar perils (cause of loss, such as windstorm, fire, theft, etc.) into groups, to achieve the combination of coverage's that are right for you.  Tailored protection helps ensure you're getting exactly what you want - and that you're not paying extra for coverage's you don't want.



Don't take the fun out of your hobby by not preparing yourself for the unexpected.  By and large, lifestyle farming is a family endeavor, rich in tradition.  But the way you operate your property can change considerably from one generation to the next.  New techniques, shifts in interests, and laws and regulations are but a few of the many factors that can impact your daily life.

Some things, however, do remain constant.  Whether you raise cows or beef cattle, grow produce or cash crops, own a horse stable, or grow in  a greenhouse, you shouldn't have to worry about whether you have the the correct insurance coverage to fit your ever changing lifestyle needs.  That's why you need an insurance agent who knows your lifestyle choices, and understands the unique challenges of it.


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